2 Hour Expressive Evening Lights – Watercolour and Pastel

This 2 hour-long Live Zoom workshop includes instruction and demonstration.  It covers how to create a simple expressive landscape with great light, energy and movement, concentrating on composition. It will teach you to be FREE and EXPRESSIVE in your painting, to sketch more and be more fluid.
We will use watercolour then pastel to finish.

Students will need, for each class:

  • Students will need  1 sheet of a good cold press paper roughly a little smaller than A3 but the choice is yours.
  • Water jar, rags,
  • A few watercolor brushes, A larger Mop brush for sky, size 10-12 round and maybe something for detail
  • Printouts of the attached reference material. (sent to registered students)
  • Hairdryer essential to speed up drying time and stretch paper.

I use Daley Rowney Watercolours. although you can source your own brands as long as they are lightfast.


  • Ultramarine
  • Light Red
  • Phthalo Blue,
  • Magenta
  • Paynes Grey
  • Burnt Sienna
  • Yellow Ochre
  • Black

Pastel Colours


Light Blues and Turquiose
Light warm yellows
Light warm Peach
Burnt sienna, dark brown
similar colours to watercolours
Some bright colours for lights in the town