Pre Recorded WORKSHOP 36 Pan Pastel – Piel Island

This 3.5 hour-long Pre-recorded Zoom class includes instruction and demonstration. It will give you a good incite in how I use PanPastel and how to make clean, positive, meaningful marks keeping the wonderful transparency of the medium. You learn about Mark making and how important this is. Developing a style, how to avoid flat surfaces. It will show you how I interpret a photo and turn it into a painting. Other elements covered, Composition, Depth, Focal Points, Using Panpastels on Pastelmat.

Students will need, for each class:

  • Students will need  1 sheet of  Maise or Buttercup Pastelmat.   Click Here for source I will be working on a sheet 340mm x 500mm roughly, you can work smaller
  • Printouts of reference material. (sent to registered students)
  • Some Sofft wedge shaped sponges
  • Some pastel pencils, or watercolour pencils for the detail in the boat etc

Good source of Materials from Jacksons Art London Click Here

PanPastel Colours

  • Phthalo Blue Extra dark 560.1
  • Magenta Extra dark 430.1
  • Orange 280.5
  • Orange Tint 280.8 not essential
  • White 100.5
  • Ultramarine Blue 520.5
  • Violet Extra Dark 470.1
  • Dairylide Yellow Tint 250.8
  • Ultramarine Blue Tint 520.8
  • Permanent Red 340.5

Pastel Colours

  • Soft warm Light Yellow
  •  A light Peach colour
  • A light Ultramarine tint and a white
  • Dark Prussian Blue
  • Grey Purple
    A49 Unison or some dark conte pastels
  • Good selection of colours recommended. Unison, Rembrandt ideally, but not essential, just my preferred brand
  • My 20 Set of PanPastels From Jackson Art London Click Here My 10 Set of PanPastels From Jackson Art London Click Here