2 Hr Experimental – Pastel – With Ink Underpainting

On Registration closing, I will send you login details and Zoom details
Virtual Event
– 2021 - Mon 22nd March  9am London UK
FEE: £15

Virtual Event – 2021- Mon22nd March 3pm  London UK
FEE: £15

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This 2 hour-long Live Zoom Paint Along includes instruction and demonstration.  It is all about How to interpret a simple photograph, how we turn the ordinary into a fantastic painting. It will give you a good incite in how I use pastels to create and underpainting and how to make clean, positive, meaningful marks to create energy and movement.  
ALL my PAINT ALONGS are suitable for anyone joining in any medium. Your own interpretation of my instruction will be needed as I will be using different medium and materials. But the instruction regarding learning to paint remains the same in all mediums.
We will also cover Composition, Values, Colour Temperatures, Recession, Depth of Field and Movement.

Students will need, for each class:

  • Students will need  1 sheet of WHITE Canson TOUCH Paper.
  • Click here for source
  • Water jar, rags,
  • A watercolor brush, I recommend: Size HALF inch flat, nothing special
  • Printouts of the attached reference material. (sent to registered students)
  • Hairdryer to speed up drying time.A good source of materials from Jacksons Art London Click Here

Inks - You can use watercolour, although its the intensity of the Inks that work so well

I use Daley Rowney Aquafine Inks. Click here for UK delivery  and Winsor and Newton Calligraphy Inks Click here for UK delivery, although you can source your own brands as long as they are lightfast and water based. Click here for Jacksons Own Brand of Inks, very good.

  • Blue Black.. You can mix black and Blue together to get this or use the Winsor and Newton Blue Black
  • Phthalo Blue
  • Violet or Magenta
  • Lemon Yellow


  • Paynes Gray
  • Lemon Yellow
  • Ultramarine
  • Light Red

You can incorporate Watercolours with the Inks, so a lemon Yellow for instance, there is no need to purchase the Ink if you have a watercolour... The Main Blues for the water i prefer to be Inks for their intensity.


  • A Hard pastel such as Conte sticks. A white and Black, Click Here for Source UK. I prefer the harder white as they dont fill the tooth of the paper.
    • Dark Prussian Blue
    • An Ultramarine
    • A Phthalo Blue
    • A Blue Grey
    • Grey Greens
    • Grey Browns
    • Super Dark Greens
    • Soft White
    • Purple greys
    • Soft warm yellow
    • Peach
    • Yellow Grey
    • A few greens
      I like to use some neutral colours too.