SKIES in Panpastel and Pastel

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On booking, I will send you login details and Zoom details
Virtual Event
 – 2024- APRIL17TH 3pm London UK
FEE: £20   

This 2 hour-long Live Zoom Paint Along includes instruction and demonstration.  It is all about SKIES, how we turn the ordinary into a fantastic painting. It will give you a good incite in how I use pastels to create and underpainting and how to make clean, positive, meaningful marks to create energy and movement.  
We will also cover Composition, Values, Colour Temperatures, Recession, Depth of Field and Movement.

Students will need, for each class:

  • Students will need  1 sheet of Light Grey Pastelmat. Click here for source
  • Printouts of the attached reference material. (sent to registered students)
  • 3 x Sofft wedge shaped sponges
  • 1 x Sofft knife and a few square covers

Good source of materials from Jacksons  Art London Click Here

PanPastel Colours

  • Phthalo Blue Extra dark 560.1
  • Permanent Red 340.5
  • Magenta Extra dark 430.1
  • Orange 280.5
  • Orange Tint 280.8 not essential
  • White 100.5
  • Phthalo Blue 560.5
  • Neutral Grey 820.5
  • Ultramarine Blue Tint 620.8
  • Ultramarine Blue
  • Dairylide Yellow Tint 250.8
  • Violet Extra Dark 470.1
  • Paynes Grey
    My 20 Set of PanPastels From Jackson Art London Click Here
    My 10 Set of PanPastels From Jackson Art London Click Here

A good selection of pastels

I like to add value with my pastels to finish, get some stronger, bolder mark