WORKSHOP 31 – Sky, Beach and Rocks – Watercolour Underpainting and Pastel workshop

On booking, I will send you login details and Zoom details
Virtual Event - 2021 - Tues, Aug 10th Sky Beach Rocks  3pm – 6.30pm UK  London  15.00hrs – 18.30hrs
FEE: £29.95 

Virtual Event -2021 - Thursday, Aug 12th Sky Beach Rocks – 12.30pm UK  London  9.00hrs – 12.30hrs
FEE: £29.95

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This 3.5 hour-long Live Zoom class includes instruction, demonstration, and question + answer time. It will help you interpret photographs and help you to see what is needed to turn a photo into a painting. Looking at light and composition to develop into something amazing rather than ordinary.

We will explore Atmospheric photographs and look at interpretation. We will also cover Composition, Values, Colour Temperatures, Recession, Depth of Field and Movement.

We are going to create in underpainting, then pastel, then paint, then pastel, then paint, then pastel to create a masterpiece. Working on CANSON TOUCH paper, a great mixed media paper

Students will need, for each class:

  • Pencil 4B and sketching paper
  • I suggest a few Pastel Pencils for the detail. I have a Very Dark Blue, and Dark Violet, Black, Dark Brown. Any Darks would be great
  • Students will need 1 sheet CANSON TOUCH paper or Click Here for source
  • Printouts of reference material. (sent to registered students)

Good source of Materials from Jacksons Art London Click Here

Pastel Colours

  • A Good selection of pastels, Soft warm yellows, Yellow Orche, Burnt Sienna, Magenta, Violet, Ultramarine, Sand Colours, Dark Prussian Blues.
  • Rock Colours. Grey Violet, grey greens, grey blues , darks etc
  • A49 -a Unison Pastel  would be good, not essential but I use this all the time, It is a very very dark Prussian Blue, perfect for adding Value
  • Hard and soft White

WaterColours or Inks

  • Good selection of watercolours or Inks to create an underpainting
  • Brushes, one 3/4 inch. and some smaller ones