Workshop 9 – Fresh Snowfall

Fresh Snowfall – PanPastel and Pastel workshop Thurs 12th January 2021

When registration closes I will send you login details and Zoom details
Virtual Event - 2021

Tuesday January 12th  3pm – 6.30pm GMT  London  15.00hrs – 18.30hrs

FEE: £29.95 

Virtual Event -2021
Thursday Jan 14th – 12.30pm GMT  London  9.00hrs – 12.30hrs

FEE: £29.95

My strategy is to help you develop as an artist concentrating on mark making and learning to interpret a photo. This 3.5 hour-long Live Zoom class includes instruction, demonstration, and question + answer time, plus interactive personal critique. It will give you a good incite in how I use PanPastel and pastel to make clean, positive, meaningful marks keeping the wonderful transparency of the medium. You learn about Mark making and how important this is. Developing a style, how to avoid flat surfaces.

We will also cover Composition, Values, Colour Temperatures, Recession, Depth of Field and Movement.

Students will need, for each class:

  • Students will need  1 sheet of  Light Blue Pastelmat.   Click Here for source I will be working on a sheet 340mm x 500mm roughly, you can work smaller
  • Printouts of reference material. (sent to registered students)
  • 3 x Sofft wedge shaped sponges
  • A Hard pastel such as Conte sticks. A white and Black. Or  Black and white pastel pencil, it is just for some details. Click Here for source

Good source of Materials from Jacksons Art London Click Here

PanPastel Colours

  • Phthalo Blue Extra dark 560.1
  • Magenta Extra dark 430.1
  • Orange 280.5
  • Orange Tint 280.8 not essential
  • White 100.5
  • Ultramarine Blue 520.5
  • Dairylide Yellow Tint 250.8
  • Ultramarine Blue Tint 520.8
  • Permanent Red 340.5
  • Dairylide Yellow 250.8
  • Paynes Grey Extra Dark 840.1

Pastel Colours

  • Soft warm Light Yellow
  •  A light Peach colour
  • A light Ultramarine tint and a white
  • Dark Prussian Blue

My 20 Set of PanPastels From Jackson Art London Click Here
My 10 Set of PanPastels From Jackson Art London Click Here
A few pastels, blues, yellows oranges turquoise, suggest the blues are towards Blue Violet on the colour wheel and the yellows towards Red/orange. A Dark Prussian blue A49 in the Unison Pastel range would be an advantage and a Black Conte crayon, not essential. Sunset Colours Click HERE